Wednesday, October 22

Cant. Get. Back. To. NORMAL.

My real life has been on vacation for the last month (at least). Now I am having the hardest time getting it to within reason.
Hubs has been home and wants A and I to go with him almost everywhere he goes. Most of the time I would be happy to accompany him but I am desperate to get my house back under control and get cracking on my crafting projects. Oh Hubby, please let me stay home so I can get back to my regular routine.
Well tomorrow may not be the best day to get back in the saddle. We (A & I) are supposed to help MIL cook a turkey tomorrow. AND we have his 18 mo WBV. Did I mention that I need to get some crafting done? Oh yea, my desk is covered in randomness that is seriously throwing me out of balance. Plus I haven't gotten around to my filing in about 3 months.
Maybe MIL will take A tomorrow morning and I can take him to our Ped and be home to serve up a crock pot dinner. Continental Chicken. Sounds interesting.
I am done ranting about the last several days. There would be no point since they are over.
Positive thoughts for tomorrow... 1) I will get things done. 2) We will have a peaceful day. 3) I will take a little time for myself too.

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  1. Breathe. Just like you said, calm. I love you and know how important it is for you to bevin balance. I myself am reaching my calm place again. Think beautiful thoughts and give your self a hug and a break. I love you.