Thursday, October 23

Furniture Musical Chairs

In preparation for the Montessori Method being introduced into our home (in January) Hubs and I have made a few furniture decisions. A dresser was purchased recently at a yard sale for $20. This will allow our little guy to have access to his clothes and be able to start down the path to clothing independence. (Won't that be a joyous day?) I am also thinking of doing a little spray paint and drawer front decoupage. Anyone have any thoughts on painting veneer?This also freed up the armoire to become our new entertainment center. (Can you tell that I am jumping up and down with excitement?) Once the to do list becomes more manageable I will be giving this piece a little Rehab a la Kimba. I have some stain, hardware & fabric in mind. Just wait and see what happens to it next spring.

Now I only want to repurpose 1 nightstand (by the backdoor for a landing zone) and a printer stand (into a nightstand in A's room), another dresser that needs some gorilla glue, paint & decoupage and remove all traces of fans to our storage (this may be a battle as of yet since my guys have hot blood while mine must be ice water). Oops, I almost forgot that I would seriously love to make covers for the gun safe and filing cabinet. Something that would make me smile at having large metal boxes hanging around the house. Who knows, maybe the filing cabinet needs a coat of spray paint and drawer front decoupage too.

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