Saturday, August 30

Several Weeks Ago...

I learned to make jam with my favorite aunt & uncle.
We made peach...
and pineapple...Didn't they turn out pretty?
I loved cooking in my aunt's magnificent kitchen. It is so roomy with lots of counter space and almost every tool one could imagine needing. I look forward to canning with her again. Next time though I think we will do it when my uncle is out of town. This turned into a BIG Doug project!

Thanks Aunt Phyllis. I had a ton of fun.


  1. And what a beautiful apron Auntie has on too. Did you make that one also???? I like the picture of the peaches. I am also looking forward to my own jars of sweets. :)

  2. I did make it. Don't you love the color. You will be seeing those around christmas time.