Saturday, August 30

A LOVES the Park!

So I mentioned that A and I went for 2 walks the other day. Well the next day we went back to the park with Granny. I remembered to bring the little camera to take a few photos for your delight.

He started out slow by just playing with the tic-tac-toe blocks...
and the steering wheel...Then trying to coax a new friend to come slide down the slide...
After a while he got brave enough to think about crossing the bridge...
See ma, if I just hold on I'll be fine.
Peek a Boo. Don't worry, I won't climb over it for at least another week or two...
Alright. What's next?
What about the slide?
Granny's dog, Jack, came to the park too. It was almost as if A was saying...
Are you watchin' Granny?
Weee. I like the slide now that I can do it by myself.
And look, I can climb back up too.
I look forward to our next day in the park with you buddy. I had a lot of fun watching you.

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  1. Wha a big boy he is. I wish I could have been there... The Mama