Monday, August 4

Beautiful Paper Lily

I have been so busy for the last couple of weeks that I haven't created a single thing. BLAH! So the other day I was listening to an audiobook that mentioned something about origami. This leads me to add scrapbook paper to my dollar store list. Today before the baby shower I needed to stop at said dollar store and pick up a bow and miscellaneous other goodies.
Tonight following a dinner with sister & brother in law and getting little man to sleep I decided to look for a simple origami instruction. I found this beautiful (and easy) tutorial over here and made this:

Isn't it pretty. I think I may make a few of these and put them in my vases in the living room. Maybe a couple of sizes too. I now feel like this unstuck my creative backup that I was experiencing. I have high hopes to at least begin my pretty red top this week. (I should also work on dad's curtains but I think I can hold off for a little while longer.)

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  1. Hi there! Found you from over at Kimba's place. I love your origami. I do a lot of scrapbooking and love paper crafts. Love toile as well rofl. I enjoyed your blog. cherry