Saturday, July 12

Updating on the 101 in 1001

#70. Get new PDA/Smartphone. Done beautifully. I got the Palm 700p. It was a discontinued model so the once $300 price tag was reduce to only $100! Plus I love, love, love it. I can keep my schedule, my contacts (with birthdays), tasks and memos. I really like the memos because I can just write up my blog while I am relaxing in the yard and can come back and post it later. Super handy when the computer free days come each week.

#58. go computer free for 1 day each week for 6 months. Good start. Last Saturday and Tuesday I was completely computer free. It really wasn't hard but I did have to remind myself that I am on a free day a couple of times.

#52. use more green cleansers in the house. Wow did I find something fantastic! Method has a great line of eco-friendly cleaners. I love the almond wood floor cleaner and the pink grapefruit dish soap. But the French Lavender hand soap takes the cake. It smells divine! I find myself washing hands just to smell that beautiful smell. I would love that smell everywhere. In my bedroom especially! Anyway, I am not completely ready to check this on off the list yet but I am making headway.

#13 have a monthly date night. I am excited for next wednesday night because I am taking my darling hubby for a picnic date at City Park. Hubby is really not the romantic type to plan a date like this. I am though so there is no rule saying that I can't take the bull by the horns and plan it myself. It should be tons of fun and kid free for the night just makes it that much more exciting.

#31. write & mail a letter each month. I bought a beautiful desk note card & envelope set yesterday at Hobby Lobby so I have what I need at the tips of my fingers when it is time to send a note.

#94. set aside time weekly for creativity. At A's age this is a bit harder since doing more than crayons and playdough are about all we can handle right now. But we are making time to do this even more than once a week. For myself I am averaging about once a week for personal creativity. Overall I think I can check off 2 more weeks (since I didn't check last week).

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