Tuesday, July 22

Over at Mabel's House Liz wrote about The Art of Hosting. I was really impressed by this and decided to write on my thoughts about hosting.

This is something I really desire to do a lot of when we are in a space that allows us to have more than 2 guests. My (not so) secret dream is to host monthly get-togethers with family and friends. I loved being in the midst of so many people at my son's birthday. I also think it is a big part of the matriarch hat that I aspire to wear. (I have always loved this image and that is the hat I am talking about!) Anyway that is another tangent.

Back to the hosting ideas.
I want to throw themed parties. Lavish affairs where people dress up for them like a 20's Evening or a luau or just whatever color strikes me that week. BBQ's with lots of yummy food (all prepared by yours truly) and great conversation. Ahh, this is my dream.

I know if I just had a bigger space and a dining table that this would be my life. Alas, for now it is not the case. I will have to wait and only entertain another couple at a time until then.

Here are a few things that I aspire to have said of me when I do get to this magical place.
"She is such a great host. I felt right at home from the moment I walked in the door."
"Isn't that restroom just gorgeous? I love the little soaps and hand towels."
"I wonder what it cost to cater this. The food was amazing!"
Wouldn't I just feel warm and fuzzy all over if I overheard someone saying something like that about me. :) Talk about perma-grin.

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  1. aw the joy of entertaining... It is such a wonderful feeling to have people over and carry on over your delights. Yes I get it! And it is just one more jewel to add to the Matriarchal Hat.