Wednesday, July 9

It is good to have a map

After my wonderful phone call with my mom I realized that my priorities are a bit out of whack so it is time to evaluate and set them straight.
1. A is the reason I am a stay at home mom. I need to be doing more with him instead of the computer and house. I need to take him to the park, read to him more often, and do more to develop his language and other skills.
2. Hubby needs to be up higher on the list too. I have been setting aside some of his needs for housework and other responsibilities. I know that he works hard to so I can be at home with the boy and I really should show my appreciation for that.
**Mom's words of wisdom: Babies and love won't keep, the housework will.**
3. Me. I need to take better care of me. A wise woman, my mom, told me that if I don't take care of my needs I won't have anything to give to the other people and activities in my life. I need to stop waiting for A to get bigger so it will be easier but do what I can with today. (This morning I was successful at getting a half hour to myself and put on my makeup, did my hair and dressed. Good Stuff!)
4. The Housework. This still needs to hit the top 5 otherwise I will neglect my duties. I am going to try to set myself an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening to work on the house. This should give me enough time to get stuff I NEED to get done without feeling guilty that I didn't do enough during the day.
5. Friends and Family. I need to make a better effort to spend time with the people I love. I cannot cultivate and rely on these relationships if I neglect them. I know that others lives are busy but I bet if I put on a BBQ most of them would show up.
6. The business needs to be on here as well. I know I can do more to get us more business. I also need to be sure to set aside time every week to enter in our receipts and keep up with all aspects of the books.
7. Crafting is something that makes me happy and needs to be included in my time. I think if I make an effort to be more organized in my projects then I can get more done with less effort. I also need to manage my projects better so I am not being pulled in 10 different directions when I sit down to work on them.
8. Money also needs to hit this list. I tend to spend money in ways that prevent us from saving to get into a house or just about any big purchase for that matter. By setting a budget and sticking to it I can get rid of my frivolous spending and STOP getting charged overdraft fees. (Yuck!)

Wow, this list is pretty much in line with my 101 in 1001 project. I guess that makes this list pretty complete.

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  1. Wow, you know I probably could have written that same list too! Funny how stay at home mom's have so much in common!