Sunday, July 20

Hello? Are you still reading this?

Sorry for my week long absence. I have feeling kinda blah about blogging this week but things are looking up this week so I hope to update at least twice this coming week.
What is going on? Well...
Early last week was a bit of a blur. We visited with C & G on Thursday. Costco you are my friend. Monday through Wednesday we bummed around the house. Lots of housework was done but not so much creative stuff. I did start a new plan of attack with the housework on Tuesday and that seems to be working well. I should make a separate post on that later.
Friday I was feeling a major lack of motivation. I did get the house work done but after that I felt really drained. So A & I spent the day hanging out and not doing much above that.
Saturday I did a fun shopping all by myself. Hubbykins stayed home with A. They had a good time and so did I. I got a couple of pants and shirts for the boy. Hubby got 2 new shirts and jeans. I got 2 tops and a dress. I love clearance time!
Today was supposed to be a relaxing day with the three of us. We were planning to go to the gun range then maybe a trip to the park. But as often happens, plans changed. N's brother & sister-in-law came for a visit. As usually happens with them, they stayed until late. I hate to say it but I wish they would have left 3 hours before they did. I would have liked to lounge around in my pj's and gotten the boy to bed on time but that didn't happen. Oh well.
Now I need to get in the kitchen and do the dishes so they aren't there in the morning. But instead I am sitting outside having a last smoke and typing on my phone. And am going to post it after I get back inside, before the dishes. Bad girl, I know.

Let's see... I haven't posted on my blog all week. Part of it is not knowing what to say, part of it is not wanting to say what is on my mind, and part of it is lack of creativity happening this week. I feel like my mind has been to bogged down to feel creative.

This week I want to add a few appointments to keep with A. I think we will start with a coloring/drawing time on Monday, a trip to the park on Tuesday & Thursday, and some game time on Friday. I also hope to spend most of Wednesday photographing N's old jobs so we can get a better portfolio together. Sounds like a good week coming up. There may even be some pretty photos for you to look at along the way. If you are still reading this I commend you for checking in on me even in my absence. I promise to reward you with at least a photo in every post this week. Who knows maybe it is the week of color. Do I have a vote for green on Monday?


  1. Any color is great! I like green. I have missed not reading your blog. I am excited to see the things you do. Besides it keeps me up to date on your wonderful world. It is frshh to see the things you put in here. I haven't forwarded this website to lil'sister yet. Maybe you can. How's the blessings going? Let me share one with you. I am blessed I have a wonderful daughter who shares her life with me; honestly wnd openly.

  2. thanks for stopping by......I know what you mean about seeing all that talent.