Monday, July 21

So good I should have taken a picture

Dinner tonight was fab.u.lous. I cooked some chicken in a pan with a spray of olive oil. Half way through cooking I added pepper, garlic salt, red pepper, and chili powder. YUMM-O! Removed them from the pan then made a quesadilla and added the chicken. Oh man was it good. We had a side of microwaved veggies and water. You'd think that with good food like this I would be losing lbs left and right. To top it all of A & I walked down to Granny's house. A in his little red wagon and mama pulling it along. We had a good time.

Business is super fantastic. Today we won a bid for the stone veneer on the California Pizza Kitchen in Cherry Creek Mall. It was a good bid so we will be able to reserve the booth for the Garden & Home show coming up this winter. N & I talked about that today and got a few of our ideas down on paper. This is good stuff folks. We don't have a lot of advertising going on so I think it will be fantastic to get out business card out there in so many hands. Who knows there may be a huge payoff in the years to come from just one show.

Today we got to sample some more from our garden. The grape tomatoes are starting to turn red and ripen. I just got a taste today but there are a couple more that will be ready tomorrow. I am hoping I can get a good photo before hubby gets out there and plucks them. I also need to get the squash. They are so pretty with the blooms and the veggies all hiding under those massive leaves.

I was going to take photos of green today but didn't get to it. Bummer dude. Guess that will have to wait for my excursion with A to the park tomorrow. I think I will add either red or yellow to the day so I can get more than one day from a color. :)

Well that is enough from me tonight. I want to be up early to get a head start on my day tomorrow.

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  1. I'm putting this comment here...
    I love your blog/web page. I love coming in here and seeing how clever and witty you are. Wanna know one of life's neatest secret? "You are a woman of the world." Did you ever think it? Would you have ever guessed that? Keep living the dream baby. Just live the dream.