Thursday, June 26

A new day with new blessings

1. my boy slept in his crib all night long. I didn't have to get him until 6:30 this morning. Woo Hoo!
2. visit with niece & nephew (cousins to A) today.
3. yummy fabric from Joann's yesterday (and it was all ON SALE!)
4. more work coming hubby's way
5. a chance to sew this afternoon

We have a busy day ahead. So what am I doing online? Procrastinating. I just am not really looking forward to getting in there and doing the dishes this morning. Maybe I will be a bit more motivated after I have another cup of coffee and a moment outside with it.

The yummy fabric and the sewing coming up today should get me started in making a couple of my christmas presents. I have recently read Bend The Rules by Amy Karol. I love a couple of her patterns so I think I am going to make them as gifts. I got enough material for 2 Charming Handbags and 1 Pleated Beauty Bag. Oh boy does it excite me to get some new fabric to play with that I can do for my christmas gifts. It is a little hard to justify spending money on this stuff right now but if I remind myself that it is better to spend it now than in the crunch in December I feel better about it.

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