Saturday, June 28

It was supposed to be busy

Today was supposed to be busy with moving my younger sister's stuff from a storage unit to their new rental. She bailed on us so we wont be doing that. This afternoon A & I will be going with MIL to a birthday party. So this morning I will be going to pick up a gift and wrap it. I hope to have some time to work on another bag. I started another yesterday and will be done with it today (I hope). I may even get some cutie fabric and make a little dress for the little girl's gift. We'll see. After A's am nap we will be going to MILs to spend some time with her on her day off.

Today's Blessings
1. a walking boy
2. beach balls, playground balls, baseballs, and nubby balls
3. a day off of work for hubby
4. our hound dog
5. my sewing machine

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