Wednesday, June 18

34 of 100 Things That Make Me Happy

1. My husband. He is a great provider and can almost always make me smile.
2. My son. His laughter lights up my life.
3. Family photos. I cherish them now but know in the future some will make great conversation with my son's girlfriends.
4. My sewing machine. I have far more uses for this machine than my time and energy currently allow but we will have years together.
5. Books. Confession: I have taken more than one "sick day" from work to read.
6. The computer. It is my connection to the world on days when I really don't want to venture out into it.
7. Nail polish. It never stays pretty long enough but I always feel girly when I have enough time to do my nails.
8. Aprons. Especially the ones that I have made.
9. Completed projects. Big or small doesn't matter as long as I can check them off my list.
10. Good dessert. I really like chocolate but it could be just about any kind of dessert.
11. My BHG Pink Cookbook. Yep this one is gonna be on my kitchen counter for years.
12. Kitchen tongs.
13. Santoku knife. I would like a better one for christmas but the one I have works just fine for now.
14. Coffee maker. Some days I have to have coffee. I like those days.
15. Cuisinart panini press/grill. I love to make bacon in this cause I have yet to burn it like I do in a pan.
16. Dishwashers. I hate doing dishes by hand so my dishwasher makes me happy by default.
17. Air Conditioning. It is gone from my car and I really miss it.
18. Organization. I like an orderly house but I am really happy when I can find anything because it has been organized.
19. Candles. I would burn candles in every room every minute of the day if it weren't for the whole fire hazard bit. Ahhh, Party Lite Candles. Do you have a favorite brand/scent of candle?
20. Washer & Dryer. I cannot imagine a life of washing clothes on a wash board and drying them on a line. Although whenever we get our house I will be putting up a drying line for linens. Who could resist a line of bedsheets soaking up the sun?
21. Modern kitchen appliances. I could never be a pioneer. Wouldn't want to cause I like my fridge and stove too much. Let's not forget the microwave.
22. High chair. Makes feeding soooo much easier and that makes me happy.
23. When my little boy is helpful. We fold laundry together on the big bed and he will hand me hangers. Puts a smile on my face every time.
24. Toys that inspire thought and creativity. If I could do it over again I would ask my family to only purchase toys that have these characteristics. Someday when the boy outgrows the current toys he will have much more natural toys and far less plastic.
25. Dreaming about our future house. I love to plan the decorations on this imaginary house.
26. Dreams of winning Powerball. I know that it is something that probably will never happen to us but oh boy do I have plans if it does.
27. Bubble baths. I haven't had a good bubble bath since I was pregnant and I wouldn't exactly call it a good bath since I had a basketball hiding under my skin.
28. The Big Bed! I <3 our big bed. I love the hugeness of it and how soft it is and how comfortable it is and how tall it is and ... I could go on forever about the big bed.
29. Smiles of wonder. When my son delights in all that is awe inspiring and wonderful in this world he gets a special smile that melts me.
30. Time with my family. It never feels like enough time when we are all together.
31. Time alone. I have always been a bit introverted and like it when I have some time alone.
32. My camera. I love to take pictures and my camera inspires me to take them more often.
33. My living indoor plants. I have never met a plant that I could keep alive inside until I met my Cyclamen. From then on I felt like I might have been getting a bit of a green thumb. So now I have more of them.
34. Jammies. I would wear white silk jammies to bed every night if I had them. I don't so I settle for green & blue striped cotton.

Well it is way past my bedtime so I should get into those jammies. I will fill in the rest of these in the next few days.

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