Wednesday, June 25

Blessings everywhere

We have been keeping up with our blessings but I haven't posted them so here goes.
sleeping babies
wonderful working washer and dryer for Mt. Washmore
tools that help organize
my aprons

super long conversation with my mom (thanks mom, I really enjoyed that)
my own strength to do what needs to be done
a good cup of coffee
strawberries for breakfast

and today 6/25
a great friend who can almost read my mind
a little boy's patience to continue practicing walking
a hubby learning to put his dirty clothes in the laundry basket
little boy learning to feed himself
curiosity in all its forms


  1. I appreciated our long talk too honey. I am so happy to see you have many blessings in your life.

  2. By the way I love the photo of A. I think that is a great one and one I mught like to have.