Friday, May 16

A Little More Talk And A LOT More Action

The Lilacs, 2008

So for the last couple of weeks Friday has been my blog go to day. I want to do better than that. So next week my goal is to post something (with photo) about a project I worked on that day. Be it house, crafty, or whatever. So that should take me like what an extra 5 minutes during the day. No biggie, right?

I leave today with a picture of the lilacs in my front yard. Lilacs are top 5 on my flowers list. I have so many memories of them from my childhood. My mother-in-law, Susan, has wanted to plant some in her garden for years. So this year for Mother's Day we got her 2 bushes. The two of us should get them planted next week early. Cross your fingers for no more frost.

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