Thursday, April 24

How to fix dishpan hands

My name is Liz and I have dishpan hands. This comes from pre-washing my dishes in really hot water before putting them in the dishwasher. They are now to the point where I have a couple of cracked cuticles and the side of my thumb is cracked along my fingerprint.
After reading a few articles online I have made a plan of action. Experiment with me as I try to prevent this from happening further and repair the damage that has already been inflicted on my poor hands.

Since having baby we have has lots of Aquaphor in the house. I am going to move this next to the sink and my drying cloths. That way I will be reminded to re-moisturize everytime I dry my hands. If the aquaphor doesnt do the job I will try lanolin.
I am also going to start wearing cotton gloves to bed after moisturizing my hands. This is a recommendation for several other articles but this one here is really good.

Please comment with any tips or tricks for getting my hands back to soft.

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