Monday, April 21

Dont Waste Space!

Our home is very small. Like tiny apartment sized small. 850 sf for 3 people and one very large dog (furry people) is extremely small. Thank goodness we are just renting. But that isn't the point is it. The point is that space is at a premium with a little one who has a birthday coming up and so many wonderful people that want to give him lots of toys. So what does it mean for this mommy? It means that time to rearrange and organize is upon the house. Cool, that gives me a reason to really move stuff around to where I have been dreaming (yes, literally dreaming while I sleep at night) about having it.
Saturday I did the little guy's room. There is not a lot of furniture in there but it is all big and a couple of the things are heavy. Safety first folks! Put the little one in the pack n play so he is out of harms way. Then go mama power! I moved it all and was so inspired. I told myself "Self, that was so easy. I bet I could do the living room this week too." Self replied "You go girl."
So that leads to today with all the wonder that is my freestyled (HGTV reference) living room. What once was dull from being in the same place from day one feels new and refreshed. I just love the new look. Want a peek? Ok, but you have to promise not to laugh at my hand-me-down entertainment center or the horribly stained (from dog lounging) sofas and NO peeking into the kitchen. K, here it is. My NEW space.

Before the toys and desk were reversed and the speakers were on either side of the (broke down) entertainment center. There may not physically be more space but it feels that way.
And now I feel inspired to do something like make a slipcover for my sofas (such a someday, maybe project) or put up more photos or something that celebrates my new space. The speakers need a pretty cover and so does the printer (to keep away curious sticky hands). Maybe I will find something fabulous over at Fabric Bliss. Watch out folks lady on a mission.

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